Word of God in the Last Supper

Christians are called to witness Christ, but who can teach to say, “Jesus is the Lord? Only the Holy Spirit. However, in order to hear the Holy Spirit, we must open our hearts,” Pope Francis says during the morning Mass, May 22, at Casa Santa Marta.

As Vatican Radio reports, the Pontiff develops his homily on the Word of God in the Last Supper: “Be calm, I will not leave you orphans, I will send you an “advocate,” the Holy Spirit, to de-fend you before the Father. In particular, the Bishop of Rome focuses on the Paraclete, the Holy Spirit, who accompanies and “gives us the assurance of being saved by Jesus.”

Only the Holy Spirit can “teach us to say, “Jesus is the Lord.” “Without the Holy Spirit, none of us is able to say it, to perceive it, to live it. Jesus, in other places in this long discourse, said of Him [the Holy Spirit]: ‘He will lead you into all truth,’ He will accompany you towards the full truth. ‘He will bring to your remembrance all that I have said to you; He will teach you all things.’ That is, the Holy Spirit is the travelling companion of every Chris-tian, and also the travelling companion of the Church. And this is the gift that Jesus give us.”

The Holy Spirit is a gift: “The great gift of Jesus, Who does not lead us astray.” Then Pope Bergoglio asks, “But where does the Spirit dwell?”

In the First Reading today, from the Acts of the Apostles, we read of Lydia, a dealer in purple cloth, someone who “knew how to do things.” The Lord opened her heart, so that she might follow the Word of God” Francis went on, “The Lord opened her heart so that the Holy Spirit could enter, and she became a disciple. It is precisely within our hearts that we carry the Holy Spirit. The Church calls the Spirit ‘the sweet guest of the heart’: He is there. But He cannot enter a closed heart. ‘Ah, but where can one buy the keys to open the heart?’ No! That too is a gift. It is a gift of God: ‘Lord, open my heart so that the Spirit can enter it, and I can understand that Jesus is the Lord.’”

Here is a prayer that we should recite every day: “Lord, open my heart so that I can understand what you have taught us; so that I can remember your words; so that I can follow your words; so that I can come to the fullness of the truth.”

The Pope invites us to wonder whether our heart is truly open to the Spirit: your heart must be open “so that the Holy Spirit can enter, and so that we can hear the Spirit. I will ask only two questions that can be taken from these two readings: the first: Do I ask the Lord for the grace that my heart might be opened? The second question: Do I seek to hear the Holy Spirit, His inspirations, the things He tells my heart that I might advance in the Christian life, and that I too might bear witness that Jesus is the Lord? Think about these two things today: Is my heart open? Do I make an effort to listen to the Holy Spirit, to what He tells me? And so we advance in the Christian life, and we too bear witness to Jesus Christ.”

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