Holy Baptism

unnamed“Baptism takes away original sin, all personal sins and all punishment due to sin. It makes the baptized person a participant in the divine life of the Trinity through sanctifying grace, the grace of justification which incorporates one into Christ and into His Church.” – (from the Compendium of the Catechism of the Catholic Church #263)

img_0505Holy Baptism is the gateway of God’s grace to the soul. It is important to give this grace to your child from the beginning. The Church strongly urges parents to baptize their children soon after birth so that they may benefit from God’s own divine life dwelling within.

Regarding Godparents (please read before selecting Godparents!): Godparents are practicing Catholics who promise to aid their godchild in learning the Catholic faith. Please note when choosing this most important role that at least one person must be a practicing Catholic. Any others may stand as a Christian witness, but are not true godparents, who promise to help raise a child in the Catholic faith. It is strongly urged that both be practicing Catholics and, therefore, true Godparents.

PLEASE NOTE: You must be registered and actively attending Mass in the parish for at least three months before requesting a Baptism. Anyone wishing to have a child baptized, please contact us to arrange a date. This may be done prior to the child’s birth. First-time parents must attend a class before the Baptism.

Contact us with any further questions about Holy Baptism (link this to site contact form).

Cathedral Baptism Form (link to Word doc I’m attaching here)

Godparents Guidelines.pdf
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Download the Holy Baptism registration form here.